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All these videos and articles about the reality of the Middle East right now

Things that stick out to me from that video of Bahrain: The solidarity among these men, hands clasped together on the front line, united in their cause. The passion. How incredibly young they are. How wrong and terrible and strangely beautiful the gunshots sound coming from my laptop speakers. The terror of the cameraman, cowering behind the tree. The blood and the chaos coursing through the streets. The shirtless man, bravely/stupidly marching towards the army. There’s too much blood coming out from that man’s head, too dark. 

That man being carried out, me knowing with a tinge of disgust they’ll make him a martyr for their cause. The man with the blood, still glistening and warm, on his hands, desperate to be heard, and the strangled gasp he elicited from me. They’re running towards the army, I realize. And there’s still an impossible amount of blood coming from his head. I’d like to imagine they’re calling home to their families, telling them that they’re still alive, for now at least. And the shots continue to come, from the very government that is supposed to be taking care of them, and the blood continues to flow. 


I don’t really know what good me reblogging any of it will do except spread the word, but I feel like that’s all I can do. There’s very a little a teenage girl in New Jersey can do. At the very least, we’re slowly raising awareness of it to the public. I really hate myself for not being more globally aware before this year. 

You don’t even have to agree with me, that it’s all so completely wrong. Just educate yourself on the situation. That’s the important part to me. Just to know that there are bigger issues at hand, beyond my selfish teenage world of “Does he like me?" and "What do I wear?" and to understand the conflict and feel the raw emotion behind it all. 

I’m terrified for these men, their families. 

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